About This Website and the Author

This website exists to help Retirees make money online.

Today, the opportunities for online money making abound. That’s great news for those older adults who need or want extra income.

My research tells me that’s just about all of us…

The Cost of Living keeps rising. Inflation always threatens anyone on a fixed budget. Healthcare continually threatens to bankrupt us. And the possible need for assisted living or nursing care in our final years is always a possibility – a scary one at that.

We worked hard. We should be able to enjoy our retirement without financial hardship and constant worry. Yet almost half of older adults weren’t able to put away money in amounts required to live comfortably and avoid catastrophe.

I believe we can – and should – do something about that. And I want to help.

Why I'm So Keen On Wanting To Help Other Retirees

Hello, I’m Ronald Murphy, publisher of this site.
I’m a retiree myself. I’m in my mid-70’s.
My desire to be of help to other retirees stems from my own experience with money challenges.

Challenges I never expected to have to face.
I thought I was all set for retirement. 401K, money set aside after a long career in IT management. Cruising toward early retirement while enjoying strong income working as an independent consultant.

Then life took a downturn. From a business-killing recession to over-enthusiastic travel spending, to unexpected costs for parent care, to losing my wife to cancer…

I didn’t have much motivation after that. I had some income from real estate and my Social Security. I still had savings in the bank. I figured it would last… long enough anyway.

But ten years after I’d retired, I saw how badly I was mistaken. Much of the cushion was gone. Yet, I was still very much alive and kicking.

Finding a job at that point didn’t seem feasible, not at my age. Not one that paid much. Instead, I had to think more long term, and do it quickly!


Discovering The Answers

My computer background led me to explore internet opportunities.

I’d always enjoyed writing, particularly about technical subjects. Turned out, there was demand for copywriters. Once you learn the principles and best approaches, writing for websites and email can offer significant income opportunities.

Copywriting is primarily a service business working for business clients. But the same type of writing is a skill you can employ for your own websites and marketing.

I continued researching how to make money online. I began to see opportunities in a number of markets. There were approaches and products that followed a variety of models. I explored and studied the successes.

I looked into different options. A lot of them were pure pie-in-the-sky. But as I researched and experimented, I began to see some ideas that could work.

Turned out that beyond the hype there were some very solid opportunities. And my level of interest and excitement grew with it.

Then I found myself helping a couple of retired friends find ways to start earning online. That’s was when it hit me.

I realized there was greater purpose in what I was doing. Purpose beyond my own financial needs. I could help other retirees make money.

I took that concept and turned it into this site…

I have made it my mission to help retirees who want or need to make money. If that’s you, I’ll do my best to deliver information and guidance here that will help you reach that goal.

Ron Murphy

Publisher - MoneyMakersForRetirees.com